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Sherry DeAnn & Mark Patrick

My Very First Time. ( Part One )
By Sherry DeAnn

I remember the very first time Mark told me I was going to submit to a stranger. Of course this was a very long time ago. We had been married for a couple years and from the start I had accepted his dominance. In fact I loved his dominance and I always told him that I would do anything he wanted and I always did. (see story "A Walk Down Memory Lane")
Now he was telling me to do something I had not contemplated up to this point. To submit to a strange man. I had mixed feelings about it. I found myself feeling nervous at this unexpected situation but I admit that I also felt strangely excited too.
I looked at my husband and said, "Yes Sir. IF that's what you want?"
Mark said, "Very good. Consider this as part of your training. It has always excited me to see your submission and we will soon take that to the next level baby. As you submit and please him you will be doing this to please me. Understand?"
"Not exactly Sir but I will do my best to make you proud. May I ask who I will be submitting to and when?"
I looked up into my husbands eyes as I asked this. He gave me a slight smile as our eyes met and then I looked down, waiting for his reply.
Mark said, "Remember a few weeks ago we stopped by that custom bike shop and talked to the owner about building you a bike of your own? He's going to put something special together for you and there won't be any money changing hands. He offered to do the project in exchange for some time with you."
"I see. May I ask how long I will be his to use and what, if any, limits he will have with me Sir?"
I think my voice quivered just a little as I spoke but I was actually getting very interested in this although I still had butterflies in my stomach. I remembered the guy from the shop and he was pretty much a hunk. An older version of Mark. Tattooed, with lots of muscles. So at least I won't have to be a fuck toy for an ugly guy.
Mark said, "I think four Sundays will be required. His shop is closed on Sunday and that's where this will take place. So we're talking 32 hours of slavery for a $32,000.00 dollar custom Harley. Not to mention the pleasure it will give me to watch you being dominated for the first time by somebody other than me."
I said, "As you wish Sir. As I recall he's much older than me and real buffed like you Sir?"
Mark smiled and said, "Yeah, Nick is over twice your age, I think he's in his mid 50's, and he lifts weights too. In fact he has a nice gym in one of his shops back rooms. We've worked out together a bunch of times and discovered we both have similar tastes in women. Once I started telling him about you The bike for slavery idea was hatched. His wife is also submissive and very bi from what Nick told me.
He is adding a sexy clothes section to his shop and guess who is going to model some of his new line of clothes for him? Yeah, you and his wife. She's his age but still very fucking sexy and did I mention, VERY BI? So you will be featured in the stores new catalog and of course, online too. Could even be some TV commercials?"
That's when I asked Mark, "Will I have to submit to her too?"
Mark told me, "No but if Nick wants you to do anything with his wife then you will need to do as he wants baby. His wife's name is Kat. So just roll with whatever Nick says. I've seen photos of her and she's way hot."
I swallowed hard and told Mark, "I'll do whatever it takes to make you proud Sir, but I've never been with another female and I'm not sure what to do?"
"This will be another *Very First Time* for you and keep in mind you might just enjoy the hell out of it..... Just obey Nick and it will all be fine baby."
When Sunday arrived I showered, shaved, and dressed in the clothes Mark had laid out on the bed for me. Today we were riding one of Mark's Harley's and I would be wearing, well, not much.
Mark had laid out a white Chrome Pony Shop shirt and some black, 5" ankle strap high heels. Nothing underneath. The Tee shirt was from the shop we were riding to this morning and was a XS which was a size too small for me. So my tits were trying to pop out but I also had my black fringe leather jacket so I was somewhat covered for the ride over there.
As we rolled up to the shop the garage door opened and Mark pulled his bike in and then the door closed behind us.
Mark pulled my jacket off and threw it up and over the tall ape handlebars and at that point Nick and Kat entered the garage.
Mark said, "She is on board with the plan Bro. I'm here strictly to watch so consider her all yours."
Nick smiled and said, "There's coffee in the showroom Bro, help yourself."
As My husband walked out I turned and looked at Nick and he said, "You can throw that Tee shirt up with your jacket. You won't need it. By the way, my name is Nick but you will call me Daddy. Are we cool DeAnn?"
I took off the Tee and standing there naked in my heels I said, "Yes Daddy. We're totally cool."
He opened a desk drawer and took out a contract detailing the bike he was going to build for me and it also listed the details of price and payment. In a nutshell it said the buyer agrees to 32 hours of satisfactory labor at the shop in lieu of cash. I read the contract then signed my name and as an extra touch Nick had me put on more red lipstick and kiss the paper right under my signature.
I handed the contract back to him and he said, "A done deal. I own you now slut and you better be a good girl for me. Remember, It's up to me to decide if your labor is satisfactory or not."
I said, "Yes Sir, Daddy. I promise I will do anything you want Sir."
Then he said, "This is my wife Kat. Be a good slut DeAnn and give Kat a big, long, wet kiss."
I thought, Oh Shit, but I said, "Yes Daddy." and walked up to Kat and just stood there looking at her. She had short black hair, big enhanced tits and was gorgeous in a older, mature way. Kat was wearing tight blue jeans, white high heel pumps and a snap front, White, Chrome Pony sleeveless blouse that showed lots of stand up cleavage and she wasn't even wearing a bra. False black eyelashes with lots of black eye liner, and red hot lipstick which really looked good with her short, and sassy black hair. She also had lots of black, fine line, tattoos which made her look even hotter in my eyes. What a babe!
Wow, she was hot as hell especially for her age. Her and Nick were like, old enough to be my grandparents or close to that and I think that the age
difference also turned me on although I wasn't sure why?
I stood toe to toe with her for a couple seconds not feeling very comfortable with this but then I told myself, just do it DeAnn and I slid my arms around her waist and shyly pressed my lips against hers.
Kat sensed my hesitation and she put her hands behind my head, grabbed my long hair and slid her tongue deep into my mouth and kissed me passionately.
It was a very long kiss and I thought damn, she's as fucking hot as she looks.
So how was I feeling about this? It seemed, well, weird and not quite right on one hand but on the other hand it made me feel very excited. I realized, that maybe, deep down, I had wanted to be with another woman and now, as the kiss continued, I decided I liked it.
When she finally pulled her tongue back into her own mouth she looked into my eyes and said, "That was your first time, huh?"
I nodded yes, surprised with myself that I actually liked it. It was then I noticed Mark standing by the door with a cup of coffee and a big smile. He didn't miss my very first time making out with another woman. Strangely I felt kinda proud and I decided right there that I desired to experience more erotic time with Kat. This morning was off to a very exciting start.
Nick came over and put a large link shiny gold chain around my neck and secured it with a heart shaped shiny gold padlock. It was a pretty snug fit but I could breathe okay. The heart had his name engraved on it, so that made it official. I now belonged to Nick, I assumed until he removed it at the end of the day?
He stepped back and looked me over. Then he said, "put your feet apart with your hands behind your head DeAnn."
I did as he said and he ran his hands all over me. Exploring. feeling, squeezing, my tits my butt my legs. His hands were everywhere. Then he slipped fingers into my butt and his other hand into my pussy. I just stood there submissively allowing his fingers to violate me. He took his time and when he was satisfied he made me lick and suck his fingers.
I quickly did what he ordered and then he said, "Put some music on Kat." She did and it came out through the speakers there in the shop.
Nick pulled out a chair and sat down. I was still naked in heels, hands and feet as he had ordered and I just stood there not knowing what else to do until Nick looked at me and simply said, "Dance!"
I said, " Yes Daddy. " and started dancing in front of him. He smiled and nodded his head so I took that to mean I was doing a good job dancing and he was pleased. The music was great and I was getting into it. Dancing and jiggling my tits as Daddy watched me.
After about 5 minutes he unzipped his pants then told me, "Drop to your knees and crawl over here and suck my cock."
I stopped dancing, dropped down to my hands and knees and said, "Yes Daddy" as I crawled over to him and took his very hard cock in my mouth without using my hands.
So far this had been pretty easy and I sucked his cock the way Mark had trained me. I knew I was a very good cock sucker and I took him deep then sucked hard as my mouth rose up his shaft and kept it up for several minutes. I moaned and made sexy little noises to let him know I was really enjoying being a good slut for him.
He grabbed me by the hair hard as his hips rose to get his cock as far down my throat as possible then he erupted with a large, hot, load of jizz.
I choked but he held my face down until he had emptied his balls then yanked me by the hair pulling my mouth off his cock. I inhaled some much needed air and some of his jizz dripped down my chin and hit the floor. He packed a very big load of cum.
He looked down at the floor and told me in a stern voice, "Lap that up Slut."
Then he let loose of my hair and I said, " Yes Daddy " and bent my face down to the floor and licked up every drop of his cum off the concrete floor that I could see.
Kat was nearby with a camera taking video of her husband as he used me as his personal slave slut.
He then grabbed me by my hair again and jerked me into a upright kneeling position and told me to finger myself while he sat there and watched.
I said, " Yes Sir, Daddy. " and I obeyed him.
I always liked having my hair pulled and Nick seemed to like it too.
Kat kept the camera rolling and moved in for some better views as I fingered myself.
Without thinking too much about the fact that this man was a stranger to me I just obeyed and eagerly fingered my now very wet pussy. Oh yeah. This was really turning me on. I suddenly was thinking how great it would be if he'd slap my tits and like he had read my mind, he grabbed me by both nipples and started pinching, pulling and then he slapped my tits pretty hard.
I'm 5 feet tall, a curvy 110lbs with 34D natural tits that stand out on my small frame and beg for attention. At 21 years old my tits are still very firm and big and I love to have them played with. Yeah, I'm kinda proud of them and with my waist length, straight, long blonde hair, well I'm used to having guys stop and stare when I am out and about. However Nick was very dominant and not about to treat me like a princess although my good looks weren't wasted on him. He definitely was turned on to me but I knew he wanted to humiliate and dominate me and use me as a nasty slut. Which is the way I mostly like it too. I guess I'm pretty twisted.
I moaned and he slapped them again and then slapped my face and asked me, " You want me to be rough with you, Don't you Slut? "
I had my eyes closed and was lost in wonderland. I said, " Yes Daddy, Please be rough with me. PLEASE! " Careful what you wish for DeAnn!
He said, " Very Good, Slut. Put those fingers in your mouth and suck off your pussy juice. "
I did and while I had my fingers in my mouth Nick shoved 3 of his large fingers deep into my very wet pussy and roughly finger fucked me. Deep and rough. I moaned and he grabbed my whole pussy and roughly squeezed me.
I cried out and he said, "YOU said you wanted it rough bitch."
He stood up and lifted me off my knees with a fistful of my shaved pussy in his big, strong hand.
It fucking hurt and I screamed again then I put my hands down onto his hand.
He told me sternly, " Put your hands behind your head and keep them there or else. "
Fuck, he was scaring me now and I gasped out, "Yes Daddy"
and obeyed him putting both hands behind my head as he continued to roughly grab my pussy. He was still holding me off the ground by the grip he had between my legs.
Then he let go of my pussy and pushed me face down, hands still behind my head. My face was on the shop floor now and my ass was up in the air.
He started slapping my ass and he was hitting me hard. I felt the tears well up and roll down my cheeks. This guy was rougher with me then Mark was and I realized he considered me his slut, his plaything and it probably would get worse. My ass was on fire and he didn't let up.
I was sobbing and snot was dripping from my nose. I knew my butt was going to have some serious bruises but I was helpless and I just took it.
Nick stopped spanking me and then he pulled his jeans down and I felt that big hard cock jammed into my pussy from behind. He slammed it in as deep as he could and then started pumping me real hard. I had tears on my face, snot running down onto the floor and despite all that I was moaning. His big cock felt so damn good. Before I knew it I was cumming. Moaning loudly like the slut he had turned me into.
Daddy just kept fucking his little whore and I was wanting it and pushing back against his cock as he used me.
I had 4 orgasms before he finally grunted and shot another huge load. I felt the hot jizz fill my pussy and run down the inside of my legs.
He pulled out of me and rolled me over on the concrete floor then told me to stick out my tongue which I did for him. Then he rubbed his wet, sticky cock all over my face and made me lick the jizz off his balls before getting up and leaving me laying there on the floor naked. A sore, sticky, mess
I was feeling the burn. My pussy and my butt cheeks were on fire and I was laying there on the cold, concrete floor not knowing what was next. I did know that Nick liked being rough and my limits for pain and obedience would be tested and retested before the 32 hours was done. These thoughts scared me but all I could do was go with it.
As I obediently lay there I heard him say, " Kat, the little slut has never licked another girls pussy. Go let her practice on you while I watch. "
Kat said, "Yes Sir " and handed the camera to her husband so he could film me and his wife being nasty with each other.
Then Kat got down on the floor with me and wiped my face with some tissue and then took me in her arms and kissed me. I kissed her back. Kat was soft and gentle and after the rough treatment her husband had just given me I found myself responding eagerly to her touch.
Kat licked my neck and worked her way down to my tits sucking and gently biting. I never had a woman before and I loved it. Kat had big tits and a sexy, mature body and I pushed myself up and did the same to her that she had done to me. She tore open the snaps on her blouse and her big tits jumped out for me.
I licked her neck, kissed her chin, and then I took her tits in my hands and sucked each nipple. I took my time sucking on her tits. I had never sucked tits before and I was hot for hers. Then I slid down licking her belly and then the inside of each thigh and then, I went for her shaved pussy. I licked her and sucked her clit and stuck my tongue in her.
I continued to please her and couldn't believe how natural it all came to me. It was new, exciting and I loved her taste and the way she responded to my tongue.
While I continued to orally please her I stuck my fingers down into my pussy and it wasn't long before we were both moaning and cumming together.
It wasn't even lunch time yet and I had explored a new pain threshold and had experienced my first girl/girl sex. I was ready and eager for more of both.
I couldn't wait for Daddy to show me whatever was next for his nasty little slut.....Pain or Pleasure?
Like a switch had been clicked on in me. At this moment I knew I wanted to experience more. Lots more!


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