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Happy Valentine's Day

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Date: Feb 14, 2024 Views: 569 Rating: 8 Comments: 6 ( Post a comment ) Filesize: 1,314kb
Tagged: good chocolate hormones time release valentine hmmmm happy
Hmmmm - chocolate before sex might've been good - it causes the release of the same hormones as does sex. Any time is good for chocolate (and sex)
Mr Softee
Guy, 68 y.o.
Member since: Mar 24, 2012
Rating: 9283

happy valentine's!

Feb 14 2024 05:36 pm
Couple, 78&77 y.o.
Member since: Jan 13, 2023
Rating: 768
so romantic...
Feb 15 2024 02:13 pm
Couple, 64&59 y.o.
Member since: Oct 20, 2022
Rating: 3955
81 year old cock sucker
Feb 16 2024 06:46 pm
Couple, 59&71 y.o.
Member since: Jun 26, 2009
Rating: 13631
Feb 17 2024 08:03 pm
Couple, 54&51 y.o.
Member since: Aug 4, 2008
Rating: 13484
Feb 24 2024 01:40 am
Just a Man and a Woman
Couple, 74&79 y.o.
Member since: Oct 23, 2014
Rating: 2912
Mr Softee wrote:  

happy valentine's!

So check it out - with 2 or 3 cleanout enemas, you can then pop those chocolates into your favorite butthole and then work toward sucking them back out or asking for some pushing (but in every case, be sure it is indeed the chocolates that you're getting out).  If the butthole is being stubborn, well, you'll just have to grease up your fingers or, if you have one, a small hand, and go in and get them all out (oh yeah, make sure while doing that that she's pleasuing her clit or he's stroking his nic hard on.
Mar 1 2024 05:51 am
Just a Man and a Woman
Couple, 74&79 y.o.
Member since: Oct 23, 2014
Rating: 2912
JandR_Devon wrote:  so romantic...

Yes, and now you and everyone else on here must do the same for 2025, to include birthdays, anniversaries, and days just for the hell of it.  Wouldn't it be cool for all of us commenting here could be together for Valentine's Day.  That could be "romantic..."
Mar 1 2024 05:58 am
Just a Man and a Woman
Couple, 74&79 y.o.
Member since: Oct 23, 2014
Rating: 2912
hauloverdave wrote:  81 year old cock sucker

Actually 85, cocksucking for around 71 years or so.  I can't recall just when I was likely a proficient cocksucker - 25 probably, although I think that's when I got my first cock down my throat!, and also the year I had my first buttfuck! (I was a blonde San Diego beach bunny nerd, but a highly fuckable nerd).  Meanwhile, you two are not too shabby yourselves, averaging between you two it's 62 and thus cocksucking for perhaps 40 or so?!  And boy howdy, you two really go at it!!!  Not too shabby at all!!!
Mar 1 2024 06:13 am
Just a Man and a Woman
Couple, 74&79 y.o.
Member since: Oct 23, 2014
Rating: 2912
daveb13 wrote:  heat

Yep, and note the relationship between all that and me being a BBW/PAWG.  My husband fortunately is one of those guys that inexplicably love fat girls, which of course is very cool, and thank the heavens above for such guys!!!  And then by getting hitched, I got to be an Army Wife!!!
Mar 1 2024 06:20 am
Just a Man and a Woman
Couple, 74&79 y.o.
Member since: Oct 23, 2014
Rating: 2912
lovepussymicky wrote:  

Ooooh, you two - that's a good way to do Valentines Day, candy to each other in a nice hot gooey, cummy way!
Mar 1 2024 06:22 am
Couple, 47&45 y.o.
Member since: Dec 31, 2021
Rating: 676
I love eating chocolate but I bet you taste better 
Mar 7 2024 03:07 am
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