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Member since: May 21, 2009.
I am/We are a: Couple, 67&63 y.o. (Married, but up for it anyway)
Location: Australia
Sexual Preference: Like Girls & Guys
Seeking: A straight guy
Up for: I'd rather not say
Private messages: Yes, message Us.
Hope you enjoy these pictures of the wife.
Please keep viewing and commenting.
Over the last FIFTY FOUR Month's the wife's interest in sex has exploded, she's been with FOURTY different partners and has allowed me to take over 30,000 photos and videos of her exploring her sexuality, come on guys give us some encouragement to show them to you. MORE COMMENTS AND VIEWS are the encouragement we need, would love to show ALL of them.
Ok let's see how you like, the whole series starting with her first, and continuing through them all will take a long time but hopefully some of you will be interested.

Hasn't been much interest in number one, so will start number two.
Just for your interest.
Number 1 Andrew was 33 years old, met once on 26/09/14 Rating 6 out of 10
Number 2 Bri was 64 years old, met 7 times between 1/11/14 and 28/12/14 Rating 4 out of 10
Number 3 Mark was 50 years old, met 9 times, on her own the last six between 21/11/14 and 13/04/15 Rating 3 out of 10
Number 4 Peter was 49 years old, met once on 30/11/14Rating 6 out of 10
Number 5 John was 47 years old, met 3 times between 6/12/14 and 3/03/15 Rating 9 out of 10
Number 6 Geoff was 50 years old, met once on 14/12/14 Rating 5 out of 10
Number 7 Peter 2 was 54 years old, met four times, three on her own between 3/01/15 and 3/03/15 Rating 2 out of 10
Number 8 Ed was 70 years old, met once on 12/01/15 Rating 1 out of 10
Number 9 Ian was 55 years old, met once on 16/01/15 Rating 4 out of 10
Number 10 Peter 3 was 50 years old, met once on 7/02/15 Rating 7 out of 10
Number 11 Boby was 60 years old, met twice.between 13/02/15 and 28/04/15 Rating 10 out of 10
Number 12 Ed 2 was 44 years old, met once on 7/03/15 Rating 6 out of 10
Number 13 Gerry was 46 years old, met 3 times between 28/03/15 and 17/04/15 Rating 4 out of 10
Number 14 Peter 4 was 62 years old, met once. On 2/04/15 Rating minus 10 out of 10
Number 15 Ray was 60 years old, met once on 2/04/15 Rating 7 out of 10
Number 16 Steve was 54 years old, met once on 11/04/15 Rating 7 out of 10
Number 17 Ali was 43 years old, met 4 times all on her own between 13/04/15 and 5/07/15 Rating 8 out of 10
Number 18 Bernie was 59 years old, met once on 12/05/15 Rating 2 out of 10
Number 19 Stu was 44 years old, met once 29/05/15 Rating 7 out of 10
Number 20 Gary was 50 years old met twice both times on her own between 12/06/15 and 13/06/15 Rating 7 out of 10
Number 21 Peter 5 was 65 years old met once on her own on 16/06/15 Rating 1 out of 10
Number 22 Jim was 50 years old met three times on her own betwen 23/06/15 and 5/08/15 Rating 8 out of 10
Number 23 Ivan was 49 years old met twice on her own between 2/07/15 and 3/07/15 Rating 7 out of 10
Number 24 Glenn was 48 years old met twice on her own on 6/07/15 he came 4 times in her pussy in less than an hour and a half, she was so wet after she visited again on 10/09/15 Rating 6 out of 10.
Number 25 Michael was 42 years old met twice on 7/07/15 and 14/09/15 and I posted some pics in realtime Rating 8 out of 10
Number 26 Timothy was 56 years old met once on 15/07/15 this guy was a real disapointment talk about GONE IN 60 SECONDS Rating 2 out of 10
Number 27 Roger was 51 years old met once on 29/07/15 Rating 5 out of 10
Number 28 Marty was 52 years old met twelve times on he own on11/08/15, 19/08 and 20/08 the 3/09 and over night on 17-18/09, met again on 27/09/15 and 1/10/15 Rating 9 out of 10
Number 29 Phill was 55 years old met once on her own on 13/08/15 he lied about his age he wasat least 10 years older and in need of viagra, he was a DUD Rating 0 out of 10
Number 30 John was 50 years old has travelled 2,970 kilometres for his meet on 21/08/15 another LIAR age closer to 70 Rating 2 out of 10
Number 31 Gary 2 is 40 has travelled 1,400 km each way to be here she spent a day and a half with him on 28 to 29/08/15 Rating 9.5 out of 10
Number 32 Mike is 52 a truck driver passing through, she fucked him at home on 27/10/15 from 10.05 till noon Rating 4 out of 10
Number 33 Joseph 54 years old met at Motel from 2 till 5 on 27/10/15 yes that's right TWO GUYS IN ONE DAY, and he's travelled 2,500 km to be with her. Rating3 out of ten, couldn't leave his mobile phone alone.
Number 34 Coolman is 51 finally caught up with this guy, has been chatting for over 12 months, met in a truckstop and gave him a blowjob on her way home from number 33, YES THATS 3 IN ONE DAY she swallowed, Rating 6 out of 10
Cancelled he had a car accident on the way to the meeting Number 35 Ben is 30 years old meting in a Motel on 29/10/15 from 6.30 pm to11 pm
Number 35 was 55 years old his cock was so fat she couldn't get it in her mouth still only Rated 4 out of10
Number 36 Glenn 2 was 50 and flew for 6 hours to be here on 6/11/15 Rating 3 out of 10
Number 37 H G was 60 we flew for almost 5 hours to meet him stayed with him from 6/01/16 t0 13/01/16
The five videos I've just posted on the 9th of June are of four different guys,let me know if you want more.
At the moment she is spending 24 hours with number 28 Marty, has promised to bring back heaps of pictures and video.
As of today 17/09/15 she has met 31 guys for 65 meetings and by my count fucked them just under 200 times in the last 12 months.
Have reached 2,000,000 views for 1765 pictures and video with 6,180 comments on 22/09/2015 let's see how long it takes to reach 3,000,000

She spent 7 hours with Marty on the 27/09/15, and another 6 hours on 1/10/15.
Next week on 6/10/15 she is meeting Stuart again and on 8/10/15 she is having Jim again

Stu spent a couple of hours fucking her on 6/9/15, they set up a video cam, for me got some really good footage.

Well Jim couldn't make it, on 9/9/15, so she needed a good fuck, called one of her faves, Marty, they spent all day together, then invited me to come and take some pictures and videos, they spent about three hours fucking for me, then I left them till the next morning, and they were still fucking as well, shes one hot bitch, isn't she.
She likes Marty, spent all day 14/10/15 with him, and again half the day on 16/10/15, got a few more pictures, and some video, must like his fat cock.
Today 16/10/15 is another day fucking Marty.
21/10/15 fucking Marty again, will take some creampie shots when she gets home. Was so horny by the time she got home forgot the camera went straight to licking and fucking.
28/10/15 Another day fucking Marty at the beach.
27/10/15 she gave Mike a blowjob, and fucked him twice, she gave Joseph a blowjob and fucked him vaginally three times and anally once, and Coolman got a blowjob in a truck-stop on her way home.
Haven't written anything for awhile, so her'es her weekend.
4/12/15 she spent all day fucking Marty, a busy weekend coming up we did a 750 km round trip so she could spend six hours fucking Stu on 5/12/15, drove home on 6/12/15 now she has gone to spend a couple of hours fucking Ali, then on to spend another couple of hours fucking Marty as well by the time she gets home tonight she will have fucked four different guys a total of fifteen times over the last three days, SHE LOVES FUCKING.
Since catching up with number 37 in January, things have settled into a routine, Tuesday nights and all day Wednesday she spends fucking Marty, then back again to fuck him on Saturday evening, she is addicted to his cock, and comes home dripping with cum, and absolutely shagged.
Have gone past 3,000,000 views with 4126 photos/videos, 9766 comments on 9/03/16, lets see how long it takes to get to 5,000,000 views.

Well have made it past 5,000,000 0n 09/09/2017. A bit funny exactly 18 months to the day.
She has been meeting with guys for my pleasure for ages, now its her turn, as you probably noticed she has been meeting guys more and more frequently on her own.
Of the guys I have watched and photographed, she has had 14 on her own, and there has been another 12 she has fucked on her own I never saw, guess I am a true cuckold now.
Lets go back to 20 years ago.

Date:Oct 3, 2017

Date:Apr 3, 2015

Date:Apr 30, 2015

Date:Mar 28, 2015

Date:Aug 24, 2016

Date:Nov 12, 2018

Date:Oct 29, 2018

Date:Aug 2, 2019

Date:Nov 11, 2018

Date:Sep 24, 2018

Date:Dec 9, 2019

Date:Jan 3, 2019

Date:Mar 29, 2017

Date:Oct 6, 2018

Date:Jan 19, 2019

Date:May 7, 2019

Date:Nov 13, 2018

Date:Mar 25, 2018

Date:Jun 10, 2017

Date:Nov 16, 2018

Date:Aug 22, 2018

Date:Oct 12, 2019

Date:Mar 24, 2017

Date:Aug 2, 2019

Date:May 8, 2015

Date:Oct 17, 2014

Date:Apr 27, 2015

Date:Apr 20, 2015

Date:Dec 7, 2012

Date:Nov 6, 2018
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